Dickinson College Art and Art History November Events

November 8th, 6pm

Weiss Center for the Arts, Room 221

George Ciscle, Curator-in-Residence at the Maryland Institute College of Art will present, “Interpretation of History in a Contemporary World.” Ciscle will discuss artists who utilize history as a resource, how history influences their work, and artists who work with varied communities to develop and implement their practice.  The talk will specifically examine case studies from exhibitions he has organized while being the Founding Director of the Contemporary Museum and being an instructor of MICA’s Exhibitions Development Seminar. Ciscle will also discuss MICA’s new MFA Curatorial Practice program.

November 9th, 7pm

Althouse, Room 106

Kimberly Brown will discuss “Monticello’s Body: Race, Landscape, and Slavery’s Remains.” This talk uses Monticello as a metaphor of jefferson himself–the physical location of his inability to reconcile the rhetoric of liberty alongside the daily lived realities of his unfree human property–and the architectural space of deep, intense, and haunting contradictions.

November 12th, 5pm

Weiss Center for the Arts, Room 235

In this talk, Sheri Lullo explores the multiple significances of toiletry sets in early China by considering their potential to accumulate or change meaning as they moved from contexts of everyday life to those of ritualized death.   Toiletry sets from burials of early China were commonly in the form of painted or inlaid lacquered boxes and filled with a variety of tools for beautification, including combs, mirrors, cosmetic substances, tweezers, and hairpins.   These sets were used in life by the elite and then brought into death, where they were intended for continued use in constructed afterworlds.  Considering their intimate connection to the body and the host of additional, non-toiletry items found inside, Lullo’s analysis moves beyond the practical function of toiletries to consider their mnemonic capacity in funerary rites, where they may have acted as a potent force in the commemoration and ritual transformation of individuals.

November 16th, 5-7pm
Opening Reception

Senior Studio Art Seminar: Works in Progress
Goodyear Gallery: 595 W. Louther Street

November 16th – December 10th

Senior Studio Art majors will exhibit works in multiple medias, including, sculpture, drawing, painting, photography, video and ceramics.  The artists will be at the opening reception to discuss their ideas regarding a corpus of work that will be exhibited in the Trout Gallery April 2011.


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