VRC Workshop

ARTstor Workshop for students

Date: October 9th
Time: 12pm
Location: GYDL (Goodyear Digital Lab)*

If you’re a student and you want to learn how ARTstor can assist you, don’t hesitate in coming to this workshop.

In approximately thirty minutes we will cover:

  • registering for an account
  • searching for images (exploding and narrowing your search)
  • uploading images into your account
  • producing folders and image groups
  • reviewing image groups without being signed-in to your account
  • saving individual images and details of images onto your computer
  • exporting images into a PowerPoint Presentation onto your computer
  • ARTstor mobile for iPhone, iPad, and Android
  • and if there’s time–using ARTstor’s Presentation System, Offline Image Viewer (OIV)

If you are interested in attending please fill out this Google Form.

For further information please contact Jen.
Hope to see you there!

Jennifer Kniesch
Visual Resources Librarian

Art & Art History Department

p: 717/ 245-1374


*Goodyear Building
595 West Louther Street
Carlisle, PA 17013


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